I've decided to stop using this site, however to actually stop using it I'm going to have to complete some stuff to do with it. I guess it goes as follows:
1. I have to do five journal entries first
2. I'm not allowed any slips, they all have to be cheerful
3. They can't be unnecessarily spiteful
4. They have to be written on separate days
5. They have to be substantial, it can't just be a couple of lines
6. It has to be true
7. ???
8. Profit
Thought I needed to lighten it up with a little joke at the end. Other than that I came 22nd in the last school cross-country, (I only made it through because of all the people that cheered for me, thanks third, fourth and fifth formers of laundimer, it was cool high-fiving you as I ran past) and a few interesting revelations about Nick that I got after having quite a long chat with him, but more on that later, maybe tomorrow. Ah well, all in all a good day, and I can't wait to go home tomorrow. The end is so close and I can't wait.