So a while ago I was asked to blog, I thought I might oblige that person with an entry, but my god, its been a while hasn't it? Its strange how things work like that isn't it. Its been a over a year since I renounced all faith and yet I still sya 'God' and 'Jesus' if something surprises me of if I'm exclaiming. Its a funny old world, isn't it? Anyway, at long last I'm just about back on the straight and narrow so it would seem. So here I am to give my two cents once again. So first of all I want to send a message off to Fran:
Sorry for being a crummy friend, I always feel like a crummy friend so its no great change from the norm. I just wish there was a little bit more I could do to be helpful. Also you need to relax and feel happy, it'll make you feel better. You shouldn't keep trying to change yourself, you're great just the way you are, and nothing that you say is going to stop me from believing that. So please just be who you are, relax a little more, eat a little more and stop worrying so much. If you keep going the way you are it isn't going to make you happy, its going to make you feel worse. To feel happy and content you are going to have to accept yourself. You are perfect the way you are. Please stop doing this to yourself.
Anyway, apart from that I feel a little lonly, isolated and all other synonyms of that word, not a lot just a little so I'm not going to pretend to be all knowing and enlightened and such because I have issues of my own. Problem is that that just means I have too much time to think, and that has never been a good thing for me. So there you have it, first post in a long while and things are just a little bit... Well it'll end up all right in the end, most things do.
Until next time