So here I am, in my PR, listening to Jason Mraz, lying on my bed feeling a little sorry for myself. I feel like a jackass in a world of jackasses, isn't that just a great feeling to have? Right at this moment, I feel like everyone is damned to be a jackass, especially them. And I feel bad because there is only one person who can actually have a major effect on my mood and feelings, and that is one of the people that I hate, yes hate, most. Also I'm having a bit of a nail-biter of a moment right now because I really want that masterclass with the poet laureate, but for the first time, it is out of my hands. Also I find a limerick stiff competition for the very best of my work so I feel a bit stuffed in the competition right now. My parents thought that it was very good, my brother thought it was very good, and my old english teacher thought that it was good too. Too bad this doesn't convince me. Every compliment just seems to be a façade to front a lie that lies behind. Cryptic perhaps? In simple terms, I think that because the people who were closest to me turned out to have lied so much that now I feel that everyone lies and compliments are never truthful, just there as lies. Crap, I'm screwed up. I suppose thats why I'm getting cbt right now. Here comes another slump I suppose. Another thing that is bugging me is that I have to have a Hep A inoculation booster today at 2:30 and seeing as my sport is outside of Oundle I have to miss all of it. Not cool. I guess that I'll just spend my afternoon in the range.sayonara for now