We'll, this might possibly be the last journal I ever decide to write here on Dailystrength.
This site has done more things for me then I could have ever thought. Helped me get through my anxiety issues when they started, helped me deal with my divorce...but the biggiest and most amazing thing this site has done for me?
Find the love of my life.
Yes, it's true.
My love and I met on here about a year ago while my divorce was just starting to take place. Our little chat's and support convo's quickly turned into hour long phone call's to one another as friends, to be there as a support, and to help eachother out.
As time went on, we lost contact, I was doing well...She was doing well....we drifted as friends...untill one day i logged in, and saw a message in my inbox. It was her. Asking me how I was doing and that I should call her and chat! We'll I can honestly say i'm mighty glad I did. We started talking and it was like we never stoped. We shared pictures, what were doing in our lives right now and other random thing's catching back up.
We'll a few week's later we were talking and she told me she was going to be going away for the weekend and might not have service on her cell phone. I was ok with that.
Then the first night went by were I did'nt hear from her....and I missed her more then i've ever missed something in my Life. As the next day went on I could not stop thinking about her, How's she's doing, seeing her beautifull smile everytime i closed my eye's. Then i get a text..It was her...Telling me she's thinking of me and that she hopes I have a great weekend. This went on all weekend, I would wake up to her text's...telling me she's thinking of me.. and of course she was on my mind the whole time.
Sunday evening came around, She was still etched in every thought I had...and I get another text. She has something for me. She sent me a song. A song she wrote, and sang for me...just for me.
I called her that night.....let her know how amazing that was...no one ever wrote ME! a song before. I suggested we watch a movie together...over the phone. She never did that before but I said it would be fun ...so we did. It was the most amazing thing i've ever felt...It felt like she was right there next to me...all snuggled up on the couch. By the end of the movie it was 4AM...I had to be up for work at 6...which I had no care for, I wouldent sleep for day's to have that night with her. We hung up, and i got into bed.....and heared my phone , a text.  It red..
"You make it so easy to fall for you.."
And my heart melted and I got butterfly's....We texted back and forth for about an hour before we fell asleep... That was the start of the most amazing thing ever.
I'm so in love, She makes me so happy. Time has passed since we first started our relationship.....
I just got off the phone with her from watching another movie, and again, amazing. The sound of her voice just bring's me to an amazing place.
Now? She's decided to move here to be with me. I could not ask for anything more in a woman, she's amazing.
I'm gonna marry this girl, and do everything I can to make her the happiest girl on earth.
So, Thank you Daily Strength....I owe ya one..



i hope to see you back to tell us how the wedding went, good luck...you deserve it, i hope she makes you the happiest guy on earth to. lots of love vonny x