Am accepting I am just not going to let the fact that I am no longer able to do all the things I enjoyed before but I can do some of them or change the ones I do .     I am becoming more aware of the feelings of anxiety and am not trying to hide from them as much . I am letting go of soem of those ego driven things and enjoying communicating more with others .I have even told some people at work about my condition which was very difficult as I tend to be quite a private person ,I think that is more because I recognise I have lost such a lot of confidence more due to the physical problems that came about.I don't know why I suddenly felt so diferent ,guess it was because I felt so afraid and it is so hard to explain to other people whom don't have this illness what it is and how it affects you . You can become very vunerable and some people you just can't show it ,namely the boss who dehumanises people and although I am a resource he now trests me as less then in everything . As if I had become mentally affected/incapable  or something lol .I must remember though to channel energy positively rather then negatively otherwise I will be making little dolls and putting pins in him .