It has been a truly interesting week thus far....spent Memorial day in Gillespie with Lauren, Christian and the fam.   Good time...came back on Monday and Monday evening, little Christian had a seizure.  They call it a febrile seizure and it's caused by a spike in a fever that he had.  Very scary....Lauren was so scared.....but thankfully all is well for him and he is back to his "cute" little self!
On another note....have had lunch with T now two days in a row.  Yesterday he called to see about the baby because he texted me on Monday evening and I told him about the he picked me up and we went to Manny's.  Good conversation and he apologized for being an "asshole" and I accepted his apology.  Not sure how sincere he was about it but I'm not going to question and just going to accept....then he text me again today saying he was in the city for the day for court for his worker's comp case and to meet me for he met me in front of the building and we went to lunch.  Then got a gelato and just walked around......of course during the conversation the idea of "sex" always comes up....of which I rebuff it.  I told him yesterday why would I want to be with someone who is already in a relationship?  I have plenty of opportunities to be with someone who can be with just "me"........I'm glad I said it. 
So that is where it stands at this point......not feeling anything about it either way.....just is what it is....
Back on and lots of activity!  Certainly an ego booster..much love!