Went back to the town where I grew up yesterday for a friend, Deb Slimko's 50th party.  It was weird to be there.  It was like I stepped back in time.  Most of the people that were there including Deb are still basically doing the same things.  They never seem to move forward in their lives.  Got to see my old house which looked awful.  So glad I left there...I could never imagine living there.Going on the sportster today...meeting a few people and heading up to Bannockburn for breakfast.  It has gotten chilly earlier here in Chicago then expected.  Especially before Labor Day...but I'll manage.Got together with Heather on Friday night.  She and Eric are getting engaged and planning a 2010 wedding.  I'm so excited for her.  They are a great couple...That's it for now.  I'm good and thankful for everything that I have in my life at the moment...xoxox