Hi, all.Summer finally arrived the past week.  The AC have been running all day and even once all night.  Sister finally installed the unit in her bedroom, too.The return of summer was a shock to the system.  We had grown used to sitting on the back porch, reading and watching the birds, chipmunks and groundhog.  Now it is too muggy to do that.  Too hot to finish mowing the grass, too.  it takes me 3 or 4 days in normal times to do it.  I do the front and side yards and part of the back yard one day.  Finish the back yard another day and do the field on 2 or 3 other days.  Sister did mention getting another power mower.  Sure it would make the mowing go faster, but the things are so noisy and smelly.  I can handle the human -powered mower just fine. ( When the weather cools off.)  :-) I did laundry today.  It has been rinsed at least twice since I put it out to dry.  I hope that trigger-happy skunk stays away until the things do dry. Well, I see the surgeon tomorrow.  If he brings up the radiation I'll tell him forget it.  I don't want it in the first place.  Definitely not while taking the blood thinner and most certainly not at the cancer center that did such a bang up job on Dad.  That is a sarcasm in case you don't know it.  After I am done with the Herceptin, and the blood thinner, if  the oncologist thinks I need the radiation, I'll ask sister to make an appointment with her doctor.  Get a 2nd opinion.