Good morning, all.May was a bad month for us.Dad in hospital on the 7th.  was treated for dehydration and some kind of infection.On the 14th, the doctor called sister at work to tell her they thought he had leukemia.No way to treat him in his condition, so they were going to keep him comfortable as possible until the end.  Except for a few hours on the 17th, sister stayed in his room until he died on the 19th.We are slowly getting used to being two people with 6 cats.She had to take me over there that same day for a MUGA scan.  It showed damage, so she had to take me back on the 21st for a echocardiogram, which showed no damage.Treatments continue on schedule.  Not sure if I will accept the radiation.I am eating again, thank God and prayers from you.My problem now is a swollen right leg.  I elevate it as much as possible and will take steps to try getting rid of more fluid.Enjoy the weather in your areas.Bertha