I am feeling a bit better this afternoon.  At 3:15 this morning, I made a cup of Smooth Move tea.  I think it has worked it's magic.  I'll have to be more careful what I eat 'cause I can't take a year of that bound-up feeling!   I'll have to find something to boost energy, too.  I like chocolate Boost.  Used to take bottle of it to work wach night.  When I was working, I did find that orange Sobe Energy drink helped me get through a tough night, too.  I like it.  I took two Ibuprofen with breakfast today.  Feeling less achy now.Cold here again.  From 53 on Friday to 3 this morning.  Brr!  The cold has brought in the rabbits, squirrels, Siskins, Junco, and other birds for the cats to watch.