I feel somewhat calmer today.  I still don't know how to get hold of those chemical drugs, though.  The drugstore will just have to deliver them.  I can't pick them up.  The van can't stop for them 'cause the store is not open that early. If any surgeons happen to read this, or any one who knows surgeons who install ports:  Will you kindly keep in mind that most women, especially big ones, do wear undergarments that have straps.  Please consider that when you install the ports so the straps do not lie on the port and cause pain.  That is what has happened to me.  Oh, well.  Too late now. Minus 16 degrees here this morning. I think that is the lowest temp I ever saw here.   Recovered to only 3 above by 10 AM.  Surprised to see two squirrels and rabbit this morning.  Bunny nibbling on sunflower seeds since the cut-up apple put out last night is frozen too hard to bite into. Waiting for sister to return with kitten, JJ.  She was spayed yesterday.  This house has been soooo quiet with her not here.  I hope this operation has not killed her spirit.  She certainly has injected a spark that has not been here for many years.