#81 "What I Know"

hi-while watching joyce meyer's 2 part sermon "you don't have to feel confident to be confident" a few weeks ago, i was inspired to write this poem. during the sermon, joyce said, "i want to know what you know. i'm not talking about head knowledge. i'm talking about what has gotten down in you and wrapped its roots around you to such a degree that nothing-no person on earth and no devil in hell and no trial and no tribulation-can pull it out of you? because THAT'S what changes things." i take notes during her sermons. i can't really go to church on a regular basis, so this is one of the ways i spend time with god. so i started to make a list of what i know deep down in my gut. that list became this poem.
If you asked most peopleThey'd tell you I don't know muchI don't have my degree yetI struggle with Cerebral PalsyA math learning disabilityAn eating disorderAnd migrainesI can't remember how to do a factor treeOr any of the elements on the periodic table
So yesBy most standardsI don't know muchBut what I do know Goes beyond what you can see or touch
For exampleI knowDeep down in my spiritThat God is alive and wellI know this in spite of what people sayAnd no amount of philisophical debateCan steal that truth away
I knowThat God hearsAnd answers my prayers
Because just when I thought no one caredOr that those who did couldn't helpJust when I was ready to say
"It's no useI'm tired of the fightI'll never be able to leave."
God was thereAnd He gathered up all my broken piecesAnd carried me awayFrom the pain of child abuse
I knowThat He loves me unconditionallyNot because I do rightBut because I am FallonHis daughterA princess in the Heavenly King's sight
I knowThat God works all things out for goodEven what I'd rather forget
Because the abuse I survivedThat pain I went throughHas become a virtual place of healingFor other survivors of abuse
It's called Real Love Doesn't HurtAnd it educates, encourages, and empowersThe public to do something about the violence epidemicBut it wouldn't existIf I hadn't been through it too
I knowMiracles happenBecause I spasmed so bad onceThat I ran over my kittenShe was under my chair
Hysterical and teary-eyedI called for her "Maria!"And up to me she cameJust like alwaysWithout so much as a scratchIf God cares that much about herHow much does He care for YOU?Think about that!
I knowThat Jesus hung on a crossAnd died for my sinsAnd rose againI have a place in HeavenAn eternal friend and saviorBecause of Him
So noI don't know everythingI still have some learning to doGrades to getSongs to singBooks to readA music education degree to earn
But what I do knowHolds power and lifeWhat I knowGoes deeper than any testAnd goes beyondAnything you could ever learn in school
So that's what I knowHow about you?                              Fallon Marie



Hi, This is beautiful and I am so blessed to hear how you are putting so much faith in Christ. I tried everything and If this wasnt better, I wouldnt be seeking. Blessings to you and in your growth in Christ