Journaling because I am board. Thinking I might start writing them everyday again. Got through the night without cutting thanks to a friend. My wrist hurts more than usual today and my fingers keep going numb, a little concerned about that. 
Finally joined a support group for my dyslexia. I haven't talked to anyone about it.... well really ever. In talking about it I never really realized how much it bothered me. I am guessing it is just another thing I shoved down. I talked to a girl my age on there last night who is really stuggeling and I hope I helped her. 
I must say, this site has really been a blessing. You guys have helped me through a lot and it is comforting to know I have the friend on here to help get me though another school year. With all my problems it is hard to stay sane with school work on top of it. But I will keep my head up and get through the best I can. 
Doing better overall and am leaving for CO tomorrow which I am excited about. possibly on the road to recovery?