Top 100 list: 26)Favorite ice cream,vanilla and fudge on top. 27)Love Italian food. 28)Loved  to scuba dive. 29)Love to give flowers. 30)Have XM and Sirrius radios. 31)Enjoy listening to other people. 32)Always wanted to own an MRI clinic and a hospice. 33)Get up early-go to bed late. 34)Think sex has theraputic value. 35)Greatest people ever: My Grandmother Muir My Grandmother Singer. Walt Disney. Billy Grahm. Mother Teresea 36)Always wanted to play piano. 37)Love Disney World. 38)Best feeling:being loved. 39)Favorite snack, celery and blue chesse. 40)Love books on mountain climbing 41)I believe animals have feelings too. 42)Like talking on phone. 43)Martial arts studant for ten years. 44)Deep tissue masssage is great! 45)Would like to hang glide  46)Dont like hunting at all.47)Have 30 gigs of things on my I-Pod. 48)Like bagle and salmon cream chesse. 49)Think war in Iraq is all wrong. 50)Patty Griffen and Jewel are great.