I lost a close friend last month. Somehow that statement doesn't cover it. He was more like family to me, like a brother...the kind of brother who can piss you off sometimes, who can be over-protective, but who you know, without a doubt, will always be there for you. He was the person I called every day from out of state at the hospital where my mother was after her open heart surgery. And after 5 months of me traveling back and forth to that hospital where she lay, and then died, when I was so consumed with grief and pain, he actually made me laugh one day....something I would have thought impossible at the time.
After the accident, and the first brutal surgery I went through, he was there with gifts and jokes. He was there at (and actually catered) the big party we had when all 3 of my kids graduated college the same year. There at all 3 of their weddings (all 3 were married within an 18 month period!). He was there for everything I went through as an adult, both good and bad. He heard all of my painful childhood stories and understood why it was so hard for me to trust people. And he's the one who taught me to trust again.
When I was in between jobs and he asked me to help out at his catering business for "just the next 4 months", it made sense that I was still there 15yrs. later with him working side by side. Who wants to leave when you get to work (and fight) with your best friend every day?! We were both perfectionists, clean freaks and we both loved animals.
I could go on...there are thousands of memories of all the years this beautiful man was in my life. And now he's gone suddenly from a massive heart attack. My life will never be the same without him.