I guess this is an update lol
I've been a member for two whole years now, and I was looking through all my old journal entries and postings hear on DS. Wow. That's what I though after looking through all of them. I have come sooo far and I can only hope that I continue to become a better, happier, stronger person. I also hope that I can help you guys the way you helped me. Overcoming obstacles is never easy, especially when they are within you. It means you have to overcome yourself. You're the one person who can hold you back. I encourage you all to never do that to yourself. There's so much you can do in this world and it starts right with you and deciding what you want to do, like be happy. After that, talk about it, it's all in the journey and others help a lot, more than you can imagine. Thank you all so much and cheers to another year <3 much love, Kayla.



aww cheers for the mentally healthy ppl