so the new thing , i dont know how or where to begin my thoughts , i feel like WO,
when my bf and i first started seeing eachother it was interesting to say the least , he was my friends boss well he was my boss as well but i had to leave that job considering the circumstances , and well everyone targeted him,  well u know when people start in relashionships well they spend alot of time together , my friends got jelous and tried to get him fired , maybe thinking if he left they could have me back , but with this time they also showed there true colors on my behalf and made me not wanna be around them anymore as much.
well they got there way of getting rid of him , he got sick of the bull shit and he asked to be transfered , im going with , he didnt ask me to he said it was 100 % my decision but either way he was going, him ans i fought so hard to be we fell for eachother hard , im so scared i dont have anyone to talk to , my last relationship i moved to calgary, with him and wow it was a really bad time for me , im so scared im gunna have a repeat thing , im not talking alot with me , just my cloths some books and the main stuff to get me by, just in case , i can just pack up and leave if need be, i told adam i wont move other stuff for at least a year of me being out there. im scared to tell him how nervis i am , cuz i dont want him to feel like im doing it just for him and leave me ,hes scared of recking my life , but it wont , at most the worst can happen is it dont work and we break up i pack up my ccar and move back but i caint even talk to my old friends about it cuz they all hate him , but hes so good for me he actually got me to stop cutting well so far 6 months free from cutting , day by day it goes