i dont know what im doing anymore , i dont know who to believe , who to trust , my friends tell me one thing and a guy im seeing me something different , my friends only a couple dont want me seeing this man , but my best friend told me he hasnt seen me happier  these friends dont relize becauseof there actions, is forcing me to quite my job , i found a job i like and enjoy but now im forced to leave it because my friends are targetting the guy i am seeing , better explention is i gess well the man i am seeing happens to be my boss, and my  friends i work with and there trying to get him fired i dont know what to tell him or what if he trys to go backto his ex , i am sure shes not gunna take him back , well and hell loose me ,  i dont know what to do ??????? i wanna die so bad right now this is all my fault i want to end the stupedness