I know, I'm "CRAZY", but I'm staying closed mouth, seems as if I'll get my own room after all, my kid got a 3 bedroom apartment, she is suppose to sign the lease today, God I hope this is for real, its like walking on egg shells around here. The crazy thing is they make money, yes a lot has to go to the car payments, car insurance, due to her stupidness, but she makes me feel like hired help, plus she wants $200.00 per month from me, thats going to kill me, but housing wants more. Now I have to figure out how I am going to pay for my internet, and phone services, plus eat, plus pay a few miner other bills????? Its so difficult, got a letter from SS, to see if I'm better or not, are they kidding? So I had to call 2 of my doctors, both said I can never work again. God if they only knew, watching these boys is a task, do her dishes, I sware thats the only reason she wants me. She hugged me yesterday, said we are family, I'm numb to her, her hug meant nothing, we will see??? Talked to Freddy 2 straight days, nothing new on his end but this stupid medical mistake they made, and our mail being played around with?????? Still waiting on the desicion to see if their going to give him another PO hearing, his 9th hearing, these people are ridiculos. I wish I could just see him.                                                    "ME"!