I am receiving more therapy and making strides of improvement.  I strongly believe now that The muscle group that supports my hips in place was messed up from the hysterectomy two years ago is finally starting to heal and strengthen with appropriate physical therapy.    Last year i had traction to pull the hips  straight but there are still pain issues.  Insurance would not pay for any more theapy even though i needed more.  I was in the middle of still improving when insuracne siad i had recieved all the thrapy i needed ... and now it is going to continue to cost them since i am still not well.   ONe leg is still shorter and i am wearing a shoe-lift to help ease the stress.   I am grateful for this round of therapy!!!  My pain has dropped and I have dropped half a does of meds this week. 
April i had a good blooming of iries.   I sat outside and painted some in between the rainy days.
I am still using my recombinant stationary bike. It has been a good investment.  We/ my husband/ took my treadmill apart and put it in storage.
Oh, some cognitive improvements:  I am able to count in a set .. for example my therapies will have me to an excersize and i am to do 30 of an excersize.  i have to hold the pose for a count of 30 and do this 30 times.   I use my fingers to keep from losing my count.  very complicated for my tbi brain.  I still have not relearned left from right since the major brain change i had before winter/last year.
hugs and love, take care.



you sound great you know. so glad you are doing so well and that the recumbant bike worked out so well. i hope the socialized medicine works out. many people in south florida are actually canadian residents and then winter in florida and the main reason is socialized healthcare. if usa isn\'t careful one day the whole country will just walk away rather than deal with a nation that doesn\'t supply proper healthcare for its residents.