I have started taking progesterone.  My abdomen feels better and my digestive system is working better.  I am still having weakness though.  I am not tired nor is it fatigue.  My arms and legs feel heavy and weak.  I do not know what to make of this; today i tired not to let it frustrate me as I did not do anything but try to read which had its own challenges.  I have a menagerie of books from the library:  books on wildflowers, sci fi, a guy flying with geese, Okinawa diet, a book about a primate using sign language, and a few other odds and ends.     I have tried to read today;  my eyes and attention are not easily convinced to pursue the hardship of seeing to read.  The menagerie of books I randomly pulled from the library shelves have not been  interesting nor well written to keep my interest.     I tried to read three sci fi books and within a few pages and even trying to skim to find some meat to the story I set the book in the pile to return to the library.  My eye brain tired ,I picked up one more book "The Children of Men: by P.D. James.  I was only able to read a few pages but the story has me interested enough that I look forward to returning to the book.  I have poured over the book on wildflowers.   I am interested in including more native plants in my garden. Want to share a neat and inspirational  site.   joniandfriends.org  I see an endocrinologist this week.  Have any of you seen this kind of dr?  Was he helpful?