i am still a little shaky and tearful today,and i had little sleep last night, but can't seem to sleep today either,i managed yesterday to rescue some of my plants,and was able to repot them, i don't know if they will survive, but i can only hope, i was pleased my christmas cati was still ok, a little bit damaged but,still ok, this was a little cutting from a old neibour who died about a year after i moved in, he was such a lovely person, and this and two other plants that were chucked out of the window were the only things i have left to remember him by, this is also the reason i have my plants out in the hall, becouse that is where he had his plants.i am so tired of the council putting people in the flats in this block who are abusive and violant,and they never seem to do anything about it.i know what the council will do now, they will make me move my plants, or advise me that if i don't want them ruined then i will have to have them inside,and i haven't the room, so i will have to give them away.the last time this happened with the neibour downstairs, they instead of saying we will do something about there behaveior they said would i like to move, they offered me a bungalow,it was very tempting but it is the prinsible of the thing, i know how many people on the waiting list, and this would mean i Q jumped, also it says to the people who are vilant, that if you threaten people you get what you want, so instead of me moving how about they move them instead, it seems so wrong.anyway i am still here, a bit fragile but here, and i am soory if i don't reply straight away, or don't send hugs,i will again soon, give me a few days,just to get on my feet again, anyway, i am thinking of all my friends, and sending you all lots of hugs.