My Girl

My Karen, My Love ,My Girl. It is almost 5 months now and instead of getting better I miss you more everyday. Can you believe that your girlfriend Annette called today and wanted me to go out to dinner with them with her girlfriend. I can't decide whether she's stupid or insane. 
I know I have to go on, but I am really trying to find a reason to want to. You REALLY were my only reason for living. My Love for you now is as strong as it was when you were here, that will never change. I Love you so much, and I thank you for giving me such a wonderful, wonderful life. You were one of a kind and I was so lucky to share my life with you.
I Love you My Girl and I can't wait to be with you again.
My Love Forever,



Hi Joey, My heart aches for you. I can\'t imagine how devastated you are over losing your sweet wife, Karen. A love like yours is something to be cherished by you and envied by others. You were blessed to have each other for 43 years but 43 more wouldn\'t be enough.

I really believe Annette just wanted to get you out of the house to try to ease your suffering for a few hours. I don\'t think anyone expected you to treat this lady like a real date but maybe just another friend to lean on.

You\'re hurting so bad right now and being around people might be good for you to help keep the depression away. I hope you have friends and family to lean on. Losing Karen so suddenly must still be a shock. I\'m so sad for you. I\'m divorced but I have children and I don\'t know how I\'d survive if I lost one. I hope you don\'t close yourself off from the world,
Joey. I bet Karen wouldn\'t want you to do that. I\'m so sorry that you\'re in so much pain. Bless you Sweet man. I bet you were an awesome husband and her a spectacular wife.

Joey, I know your feelings well. I lost my husband 18 months ago, then I lost my daughter in March. I have been devastated beyond words. I know how you feel. I am lost without my husband and now my sweet girl has left this earth. I wish I could make you feel better. People keep telling me time, time heals. Sobbing. It doesn\'t seem to be healing me. I pray things improve for you. I hope you have family to help you through this. Stay strong Joey. It\'s our only choice. Good luck. Linda