7 wweks free cont.

  And now for the topper........... On Sunday I started feeling short of breath and kind of punky  by Monday night I could harly get a breath and began to cough up a little blood  . By tuesday nite It just plain hurt to take a breath so Cindy loaded me up and took me to the Er . They took X-Rays did not any fluid so they called it Bronchitus and Gave me an Inhaler and some antibitocs and some Vicodin for the pain . Its now Friday and I feel a little better , Have not been able to sleep in a bed now since Monday nite ( that recliner is getting old now ) But at least I sleep a few hours a nite .  I still cough up blood more than i 1st did but according to them not enough to worry about ?? I thought that if your mucus looked red that was cause for alarm ?  Nope , that would be if it was more than a couple of teaspoons ans its brite red and frothy ( lots of air in it )  All i know is that its Friday and I just took my last antibiotic . I only have enough vicodin for to night  so I better be back to normal for saturday or I'll be going back in for more drugs .....     Its like I said .............NICE WEEK HUH ?    Got to remember that its still better than some people had and that i am Truely blessed to be here at all . AMEN