7 Weeks Post-Op - In a Stall

Weight: 257.0
Wow...a whole whopping pound in a week.  Frustrating.  This eating food thing is really difficult but I'm getting better.  Seems like I could get more calories in when I wasn't trying to eat real food but I can't stay on shakes and baby food forever!
Food isn't hurting as much now, and a lot of foods don't hurt at all as long as I remember the rules.   Take small bites.  Chew, chew, chew.  Take your time. Don't drink until 30 minutes after you finish eating. 
The don't drink rule is the hardest for me.  I get so thirsty I can barely stand it.  I think, "I'll just wet my mouth down a little".  Gulp, gulp. Then the pain comes.  Excruciating pain.  The choice then becomes, "am I more thirsty or more hungry?"  If I'm thirsty I will generally choose to drink instead of eat since I can't do both.  Leading to the problem of getting calories in.
The other event this week is that I started with another trainer.  This one is from MUV Fitness.  Her name is Ashley and I had my first training session with her on Tuesday.  We spent a lot of time going over how to maximize my weight loss given that I'm having difficulty getting calories in.  She has a wildly different approach that actually made sense when she explained it but I still question the validity of it considering everything I've read on the subject.
It's all about the "fat burn zone" which most exercise/weight loss/lean muscle mass specialists say is a myth.  They adhere to the theory that high intensity interval training is the way to go.  Ashley says get the heart rate up too high for too long and the body goes into panic mode and burns muscle instead of fat.  The high intensity interval method (HIIT) will build muscle over time but only if you're eating enough calories that it can do so.  Makes sense.
I'm actually going to try her method for right now because I'm not taking in 1800 calories/day, more like 600-800.  Some days I only get in 400-500.  If it takes 2000 calories to sustain my body at it's current size and I burn more than I take in I'm so far into the negative calorie zone that it's going to shut down my metabolism to conserve every bit it can.  Minimal weight loss while I starve.
So we'll see if it works.  Walk don't run.  Target heart rate 109 not 132.  Sustained heart rate in the zone for at least 20 minutes.  Maybe next week I'll have lost more than 1 measly pound?