7 Tips for Buying the Right Car for the Family


The variety of cars produced and sold in the market is increasingly diverse over time. But again, we have to adjust it to our needs because of different needs, so the type of car is different. For example, for personal and family needs, both in terms of brand, size, and interior design, they are definitely different.

Talking about a family car, there are several things that must be considered before buying it. Everything will be summarized in the following tips for buying a car that is right for the family.

1. Match the brand to your  budget

Budget  is the main factor when you want to buy something, including a car. If the  budget is  big, then choose a car from the best brand. Of course that offers a certain amount of comfort and fit to accommodate all family members.

However, if the  budget is  mediocre, what's wrong with looking at a middle-class car. The type and type of car is no less good, really. In essence, choose wisely because of the many family cars offered in the market.

Cars such as minibuses or MPVs are the best choice for family needs. The size is not too big, nor too small. Fits 4-7 family members.

2. Pay attention to the security aspect too

Paying attention to safety is important when driving because anything can happen on the way. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the level of security that the car offers before buying it.

This security, such as  anti-lock braking system, electric brake-force distribution,  and  airbags.  If possible, buy a car that is equipped with a shock-resistant system. If at any time there is a rather loud collision, then this does not endanger the passengers in the car.

Find out the security system installed on the type and type of car you want to buy. Ask if you don't understand, so the purchase doesn't seem careless.

3. Fuel consumption

fuel usage

In fact, not only the price of the car is expensive, the fuel can also be expensive to support the performance of the car engine. Expensive fuel will certainly increase expenses, right?

Well, for those who want to save on fuel expenditure, it's a good idea to choose an environmentally friendly family car to reduce the level of air pollution on earth.

Pay attention to the power of the car engine, also pay attention to the cc, so you can calculate the range of fuel needed to take a trip. Take the time to read articles or information about vehicle engines

4. In terms of car interior comfort

interior comfort

The next tip for buying a family car is to pay attention to the comfort aspect, especially if the car is going to be used often for long trips. Make sure the car has a comfortable interior, soft seats, fresh air conditioning, and capable suspension, so that the trip feels pleasant.


With a good level of comfort, even long trips will not feel tiring for you and your family. And to get a comfortable car, you should multiply car references.

Any of these options could be an option for you if you're searching for used cars to purchase. If you're thinking of buying a brand-new car with Car Finance then you'll have to go directly to the dealership website or use a concierge service.

Do not forget to find out the complete specifications of the car before buying it. Also compare other brand cars of the same type, so that the choice is right.

5. Spare parts are easy to get

auto parts

The thing that should not escape sight and comparison is the spare parts or  spare parts of the  car itself. Choose a car whose spare parts are widely sold by automotive manufacturers in Indonesia. If at any time the car is damaged, it can be quickly repaired and reused to accompany your trip.

The number of spare parts that are sold depends on the number of drivers who use the brand of a car. Therefore, do not choose a car that is rare or too sophisticated. This is because spare parts must be difficult to obtain because they must be ordered or imported from the manufacturer.

6. The amount of car maintenance costs

car care

Just like humans, cars also need some maintenance to maintain their engine performance when used to drive. The amount of maintenance costs incurred depends on the complexity of the car itself.

The more complex, in the sense that the more sophisticated the machines and technology embedded, usually the more expensive the cost. Because, the car requires  special maintenance  in order to work properly. This complexity also affects the price of auto parts.

So, don't forget to consider the cost of car maintenance before buying it. Do not be a financial burden because there are still many needs that must be met.

7. The selling price of the second hand

sell car

His name is human, has a sense of boredom. After a long time using a car, there must be a desire to sell it or trade in with a better car.

That's why paying attention to the selling price of a used car is important. So, you know how much money you need to prepare when you want to replace it with a new car.


The high or low selling price of a car cannot be separated from whether or not there is a lot of demand in the market. Make sure the type and type of your car is in great demand, so that the selling price is not too low, selling it is also easy.

Don't Choose the Wrong Car

Those are some tips for buying the right car for the family. Hopefully the tips above will make it easier for you to find your dream car. Don't make the wrong choice and regret later, OK!