7 months on LDN- a small relapse

Wow time flies. 7 onths of just LDN and dietary supplements. Had a relapse where one leg went numb. Plus a little muscle spasms just for fun. I've had both of those in the past. Leg is back to as it was before. Spasms seem under control with magmesium/calcium supplement. Last MRI showed negligible progression, mostly just slight atrophy, no lesion activity. Thinking I can blame my unbalanced checkbook on the MRI. But maybe not. Numbers were never my strong point. I did the blood test for JCV, the results were not back at the appt. Neuro says he'll call when he gets them.
Talked with several people who have had MS 20 or more years and still doing ok. Many not on any of CRABGT. THink we'll need to come up with a new acronym. I like Scrabble. But those are not good letters. Usability-wise anyway. I'll think about it.
Don't have to decide on the drugs until April, though I'm pretty sure I just want to stay as I've been doing.