6th entry

so its been a bit since i posted on here, but since the last time, im doing good in therapy, even though im still very attracted to my therapist, we are working on ways for me to cope. i have changed my depression med and its so much better for me, im actually waking up in a decent mood and staying in a good mood, i dont have too many bad times anymore. im getting my health straightened out with appointments for eyes, dentists and others. in a bit i will be looking for a divorce lawyer, even though i have no income, i know there are ways to file and finalize with low to no income. ive started talking to a nice woman and will hopefully be meeting in a couple of weeks..... so all in all im actually doing not too bad, a huge turn around from 7 months ago. thank you to my close friends on here and the support of those of you that are actually supportive.



Great to hear! You sound completely different than when you first came on here. The new meds and a therapist has really helped.