I know I have said this before but I love my son so so much. He is truly the light in my life. I cant wait to meet him. I day dream about the day he is finally here and I can hold him in my arms. I dream about what he will like. I dont know why buti think he will be born with dark hair even though both his parents have blond hair. I have never thought about someone as mush as I think about him. I love him to peices. I honestly think he can feel that because there is no way he cant. I have a feeling in my heart that goes through my whole body I have never felt before. He truly is our miricle baby. The shits the pills the doctors visits are all worth it. He is all worth it. I know that i would die in 1 second if it meant he would live. I never knew a love like this before. I bought him teh cutest outfit yesterday. Well a couple out fits yesterday but one i totally love. I hope that the next 5 months go by fast!!!!