I have been in n un consumated marriage contract for more than a decade now. He cheated on me, I later on found out that he is mentally sick too. I juss want to get rid of him asap.
Meanwhile I found  guy on a social networking site, we started chatting, we then met and continued. He had his own reservations, he never clearly confessed that he was involved with me. We broke up last night, the allegations he has put on me they are really awful. 
It hurts to c how he perceived me all this time while we were in touch. I always had a temperament issue while I was living with the man I married. 
After a decade I sought medical help and worked on it. I tried to be positive about life as much as I could. But this incident last night is unbearable for me. I feel very sad deep down. I don't nt to trust people, don't want to live in this world 
I now feel that its better to live alone & anonymous.