My friend Chris just left. After all this time, he backed out on letting me store some of my stuff at his house. The way he kept going back and forth. "Yes" one minute, "no" the next. I got tired of it and just asked him to make up his mind. Finally, he said no. He said he was sorry because he told me I could store my stuff at his house and even stay if I wanted to. The only problem is, he lives 10 miles out of town. With the price of gas, and me needing to save money, I'd have to drive 20 miles every day for at least 5 days a week just to go to work and back. He was looking forward to my moving in with him to help him with bills, which I believe we could have come up with a compromise. But now I have to find another solution. I understand about the privacy, and there's nothing like having your own place to do what you want when you want. I'm just really hurt right now. I wish he was up front about it sooner before I got my hopes up high. And I was looking forward to having a place to go on the weekend where I could have Rocky right beside me for a day or two, at least. Now, Rocky will have to stay outside. He's an inside dog, but it's not my house I'll be living at anymore. It really sucks big time, but I value my life more than my house. I'm just so scared and unsure of everything. I'm really upset.