Doing better

I have figured out a lot of the things that are going on with this.  I have emailed my wife a very long letter that explained that I still loved her and I wanted to work on things but I haven't heard from her in three days.  This is fine because I realize that I can live without her, if I need to.  I am going to be building my own life now.   The other big help is the support I have been getting from my family, my friends, and the people that I have met here.  I have also met some people here that have reminded me that there are still really good people out there.  It is good to learn this because of how badly I have been hurt in the past by women, especially my wife.   What ever happens will happen for the best.  That being said, if I have to move on I am prepared to do so.  I just pray that if that happens that I can find someone who knows who they are, what they want, wouldn't mind a little adventure, and has a similar value system as I do.