I went to the Doctors today to review my medication, and as per usual my anxiety was rampant. Its crazy why I get like it, I kept reminding myself that nothing ugly will happen to me. I say that because I don't like the symptoms of anxiety one bit, which today have been dizziness, trouble focusing visually,trouble breathing and a dry mouth.
The good news is that my Dr is good, I think it really helps if the person you see to help you with your problems can empathise, and not rush you away. He has a good sense of humour but not in a judgemental way, top bloke.
My Dr told me I was only human and that my issues are quite normal.  My anxiety pretty much vanished after I had spoken with him, which is so strange because sitting in the waiting room I was very much anxious.
I've changed my medication from Lyrica which is an anxiety drug to an antidepressant. I've only just been prescribed Lyrica 2 weeks ago but I think they may help some people with GAD, or SAD I just don't think they are the solution for my anxiety.
I think I know the solution or partly, my only problem with the anxiety is that it feels subconscious, I don't try and think to much about my triggers, or even think negatively but I guess on a subconscious level I must do. 
 So now I'm on Venlafaxine which I've used before for depression in the past, and they did work 'good', so I'm giving them another shot. My partner suggested that perhaps I'm getting down about the anxiety, which is true I was teary-eyed with frustration today because of it... so the Vanlafaxine will help all round, and I tend to agree with her.
I'm also booked in to see my Dr again in the new year for some CBM sessions which are like CBT to address my issues surrounding my anxiety, which is great news as I believe it may be good at helping me re-train my brain.