Just an update. I haven't been on lately. I have had a dentist app. every other week for about 2 months. 
My raising $25 for Haiti is going slow but now I have $11.70!! 
I have applied for so many jobs. Even mcdonalds ( how seemed to really need someone) never called me. I feel very useless when they don't even want you. 
When my Mom and I were at the laundry mat ( to do laundry because we don't have it in our basement suite ) someone asked if I made that purse I was carrying. I said yes. She was shocked and said that it looks great! She also asked do you sell them? I said no. She said you should. So me and my mom are trying to come up with a way to sell them without having to spend money just for samples. I could start a free web site and start selling them and other things I can sew. The items would be no tax but you pay shipping and handling.  I have ideas on how to promote my site but the only thing I can think of to have pictures of the fabric. By going to the store and take Pics of the cool patterns. And every time I go take more pics. 
Does anyone else have any ideas? I would really appreciate your feed back!



you should go to www.etsy.com you can tell your purses on this website. Go check it out and let me know what you think. :) I love that you like to make things, I do too :)