well i just got done with getting my kids birth certfict cause they got losted im so down i dont know what to do i fell like cutting cause i feel like i have no one to talk to anymore and tee im not talking about you iv been away and i only can get on when i go to the libry or to my moms  house and then when i get on it hared to get on cause im also vsiting my kids witch is hared to do i cry all the time when i have to leave them if any one has kids would now how it feels im so done with the state the state suckes cause when i was raped 3 years ago and had a son bye him the would not help me so i dont trust no one anymore but my friends one ds and my friends on the out side but yet i stell have a litte trust issue why i dont know i think its cause every time i trust someone i get f around witch is not right and i fall for it all the time cause i like to help people out