Ok yesterday was a sucky day all in all.  My mom was rushed to the hospital for the 3 rd time this year.  Yes this year.  She is oKay.  She had hip surgery on December 20, 2007 and the dam thing keeps popping out.  This time she was in the shower.  Thank God my sister was there.  My sister is having a hard time dealing with this.  My mom is quite difficult.  She is very ocd those are her words.  AS sooon as she wakes up UNTIL she goes to bed which can be between 1 am to 3 am she talks and barely takes a breath I am not exagerating.  if there is  a brief silence we are like oh my god she is quite.  Do we take the chance and check on her to see if she is ok or do we enjoy the peace.  Usually by the time we finish that thought she is at it again LOL.  I am serious I talk alot but oh man she has me beat and when someone talks as much as she does it really is stressful.  I never knew how stressful until now I gett the whole heart pounding skin crawling thing happening when I am around her too long.While we were at the hospital the SPD called after 9:30 pm to see if our son could stay later because of the super bowl.  The visit is from 9am to 7pm.  The super bowel starts at 6:17 I was like no but you can bring him to my moms early because we are watching it there.  Now he did supposedly mention this to my son on Thursday but calls me at the last minute.  He says no I will bring him home on time then.  Um so he is going to make my son miss part of the game.  My mom loves football.  So as I mentioned earlier she talks a lot and yells at the tv.  So this would be a good bonding time for grandma and grandson and make sure that my sister and I dont go insane during the whole process.  Also my sister and I are purposly going for the patriots because they are going for the giants.  We could really care less but we just have to find ways to torture them when we can.   On the way back from the hospital.  My son was having the positive side of a manic episode.  He was drawing out his vowels with whenever he spoke. I look at my sister out of the corner of my eye shes looking back at me we both have the same look like why is he talking that way.  My sister and I have the same warped sense of humor and without speaking a word we start drawing out our vowels too.  We were all laughing hysterically.  when got to my house and got out of the car we were still laughing hystericall.y we were quite loud if people saw us they would think we were all drunk.  It is those times that I try most to remember.  That my son was laughing and having a good time.  I know that I need to be careful in watching that it does not get to the extreme of him feeling to good.  With him looking for other avenues to feed into it.  Does that make sense.  I hope it does not make me sound awful. But when aggression of the mania is usually what I see I would rather have the extreme happiness.  I guess both are not healthy.  Well the Spd picked him up on time.  I was kind of hoping he would not come.  I mean he did not even show up at the hospital. This just shows my son that his father does not have unconditional love for him.  A few months ago I think he acted up just a little bit and the following week he did not show up for the visit.  There was no call or anything. So I mean what does that teach him.  My sister and I said make sure you talk about this girl with your dad because when he is not playing his video games he is totally obbsessing over her.  I know we were all like that he would be like this song reminds me of... that word reminds me of.... that tree reminds me of... LOL jk on the tree.I was goind to work today and I really need too but I am soooo tired of the events from yesterday. I think I might take a nap.  I am so lazy.  I wish I had the motivation and energy I use toooo.  If anyone finds it let me know I want it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!