As some of you know, I am a regular red cross blood donor and I usually do the double red which means they take two pints out and separate the red blood cells from the plasma and put the plasma back in me.
Today I had a very busy day. I have been trying to keep busy so I won't have to worry about where my next dollar is coming from. I woke up early checked my ebay to see what sold and went out in my shop and did quite alot of planing.  I have been saving money by sharpening my own knives and was amazed at how much work I could do before they got dull again!
After that, I jogged a little over 3 miles in the heat but was happy to get it done and over with.  I drank alot of coffee Then I showered and packaged up some stuff and got things ready to ship. Drank more coffee, then I realized the caffeine would raise my blood pressure disqualifying me from making a donation so I did something I probably should not have done.  I took my blood pressure medication at that time, in the middle of the day instead of when I normally take it which is before I go to bed.  The reason why I take it in the evening is because it tends to cause alot of dizziness in me especially when I have been very active in the heat!  I left the house around 1:45, made a stop at the post office, dropped off some stuff at my brother-in-laws, and went over to the school to do my donation.
As soon as I got there I was stressed out to learn that they were behind so even though I had an appointment and arrived plenty early enough to do the paperwork, I would still have to wait!  I tried to relax and be calm but my wife had dropped me off and I knew the things she would do while I was in there wouldn't take her very long which meant she would have to wait also and I would definitely hear about it!
So after waiting well over an hour it was finally my turn.
The tech I had was very experienced having been with the red cross for 19 years so I am thinking this will be a breeze. Then she inserts the needle and OMG did it hurt! It was just temporary I know but it was all I could think about.
After about 5 minutes (Normally takes 35 minutes to complete) I started feeling dizziness so I figured I had better warn her.  She immediately put cold compresses on my forehead and put the chair in a prone position.  It didn't get any better so she asked me what I had done and I told her about working hard and running so she figures I am dehydrated so sets the machine to inject 56 cc's of saline solution and she had me drink several bottles of water.  After awhile I began to feel better and wanted to continue but she had already set the machine for one unit instead of the usual two and couldn't reverse it. I was glad in a way because I knew my wife was waiting and the sooner I got out of there the better. I can't handle confrontations very well.
I finally left and the wife bitched saying she could have done it faster but I am hoping she won't be with me the next time I go.
Now I am relaxing comfortable in my living room typing this update and glad to be in airconditioning alone with my dog while my wife is visiting her sister up the road.
Have a great day my friends!






What a busy day you had.....glad all is well...Nora

I did not have a good day with my spouse either...the stars must be out of line for us!
Lets both hope for the rest of the week to be much better.