A Good Day

    It seems like I don't have too many good days since     my Dad died However Today was a wonderful one!     Shh , perhaps this is the start of some kind of healing.  I went to visit a friend that lives in the rest home my dad did. Today was her birthday! I went to bring her Joy and oh she brought me so much more joy. She doesnt have many visitors that I know of and   she has been sad lately so I thought a visit and a music box to play and listen to as a gift was appropiate. The Joy she brought me Oh I can not begin to explain to see her smiling face and for her to recall that she used to collect them and her father    brought her a special one when she was young.      I loved to listen to her and spend time with her    I would have spent the whole day with her however I had to go to a family bably shower! Thank you Lord for today.   I am sorry I should write more often however always remember that you are in my thoughts and prayers.  Blessings.........Faceing .......†