I can't take it anymore!  It started out at the beach this morning when my daughter began playing with a little boy.  They were getting along well and the mother came up and started chit chatting.  She asked me if Amelia was my only child.  I said yes, I was not getting into the story of my recent m/c with a stranger.  I just felt so put on the spot.  My heart wanted to scream that I had had 2 children and I couldn't.  Then later today my daughter had her 3 year check up. Her pediatrition was pregnant (of course..whose not these days?) and my daughter was pointing to her belly and saying baby.  She was very impressed that Amelia knew this and I told her I had been pregnant and i had pointed to my belly and told her baby, but I had a m/c.  She was very sympathetic and then asked me how Amelia was doing with the "terrible 3's"  I told her that she is giving me a run for my money and she responded with "another Dr. in the practice once told me that if you don't have a baby before your kid is 3 you'll never want one."  She then apologized for being insensative and not thinking about my m/c before she said that.  THEN...I go to a birthday party of a friend of mine today who I have known since college and brought Amelia.  My friend's father said how cute and well behaved Amelia was and asked me where my other kid was.  I replied with "I don't have another kid, Amelia's it"  I guess my friend had mentioned to her dad that I was pregnant and she never told him when I was due or that I had a m/c so he just assumed that I had had the baby.  WTF?  Why did this all have to happen in one day.  I feel like crap.  I thought it was bad enough when last week the school psychologist at my school told me I looked good for 13 weeks (she wasn't told either) and I had to explain to her in front of other people who knew and hung their heads that I was no longer pregnant.  I feel like I need a sign, recenlty miscarried...leave me alone!