I thought I was doing better but today was a hard day for me.  School ended up being cancelled today because of a series of reall bad thunder stroms last night that knocked out power all day in the town I work in.  By the time I realized that school was closed, my husband had already dropped our three year old off at grandmas and they were having a fun day together so I let her stay there.  i didn't realize how hard it would be to be alone.  It did not help that I did not get much sleep last night because of the storms, but I felt so alone and empty all day.  Everday, I have to keep it togther for my daughter and be their for her as her mommy and today the pain and emptiness was too much.  I got my hair done and one of the hairstylists was pregnant and that got me even more upset.  I am so happy to have my daughter.  She keeps me going.  I am so sorry for anyone who has had this happen and has yet to have a child.  I can't imagine what it must be like to be alone all of the time.  My heart goes out to anyone trying to have a child and I hope your wishes are fullfilled some day.