OK, so I went out tonight.I went out just looking for a good night, no women involved, just me getting drunk and looking like a tit. I managed that till we went to the night club where there was a lass there who to me, but no one else, was just gorgeous. I tried to dance with her, but was kinda turned down, the usual.  I accepted that and moved away. Then she started dancing with one of my best friends over here.  I want him to be happy as I know he is lonely as well.  But I couldnt get rid of the jealousy. Just once, I want the lass to dance with me and want to be there. Not point and laugh with her friends like they usually do.  Just want to be with me.  If Im asking too much, tell me and I will stop.   Once, just once :( Im off to struggle with myself over cutting myself.At the moment ill be cutting my arm to shreds  :( Sorry everyone, but I need a release and its all I have. Joe. P.S.  someone take me out to the pasture and shoot me.