6 months GF acheived

6 months gamble free acheived !
Time seems to go quite quickly now.  I have minimal urges however that voice does jump into my head every now and then. 
My gambling debt is reducing and I know it will take a while before I reach a balance of zero' across all my debts.  I still have a hard time accepting the mountain of debt but hey i'm the only one to blame for digging such a hole for myself.
Ok, enought of that.  I'm feeling good, seeing a number of improvements in my life and reaching and progressing in the goals which I set-out to acheive.
I am working in 3 month gamble free intervals so, time to set this next goal which will be "9 months gamble free".
I hope everyone's doing well. 
I have not posted much lately but i do hope to get online more!



I have had no doubts that you would make it Bear. Great work!!!! I am soooo proud of you. As for debts, it may seem like a lot but not as much as it would have been had you kept going in that other direction 6 months ago. It could be doubled and now it\'s going down and you will see the big zero soon. I am sorry it still pops into your head. It never does mine but I just think of it as another life I used to have and it isn\'t in my life anymore. Just came back from two weeks in Canada visiting my sis and didn\'t gain a lb so I am setting another goal to start losing wt again. lots and lots of big bear hugs for you my friend Barb

Thanks and you\'re absolutely right - where would I be if I continued to gambled.....in a bad bad place!

The odd urge is about a quick win to help pay off the debt but we all know that\'s not going to happen and will end up in that bad place again!!

Sounds like you had a good break and doing well.

Great to hear! I\'m responding on the phone so I hope the reply makes sense! Such small buttons.

Good job Bear! keep up the good work. It does get easier the farther you get from the last bet. Just don\'t forget where you\'ve been or how far you\'ve come. Love J