6 months ago - who would have thought?

Just some 'positiveness' to spread around, I am leaving tomorrow on a 4 week holiday with my wonderful wife and lovely daughter, we are going to the USA, visiting NY, Disenyworld, a little cruise in the caribian abd a visit to the Florida west coast.It has been something that we started booking last year, a family holiday of a life time, but then ion January this year I had a huge Crisis, was diagnosed with MG, and spent a month in hospital, and then another month recovering from my Thymectomy.Wow, at that point all planning stopped and our dream was gone!Hey, but here we are on the eve of the trip, all packed and ready to go - things to get better, prayers are answered, and there is light at the end of the tunnel (6 months ago I did not believe all the people on the forum telling me things get better)Hey keep the chins up, it is not easy, I have good and bad days still, but with a positive attitude it makes things so much easier.My thanks to the support from all on this site, and to my wonderful wife3, daughter and Family and friends !!Regards, Christo