5k Races 2015 to lose weight

Hi Friends Just wanted to tell you about this week.Just in the last 2 days I signed up for 3 5k races in Columbus , Ohio. The First one is on April 25,2015  and that is the Columbus International 5k , the next 5k is The Cap City Commit to be fit 5k on May 2,2015 and the last 5k I am signed up for is The Susan G. Kolmen Race for the Cure  on May 16,2015 . I am hoping that all of these races take off some weight.I also wishing NO RAIN... 
My weight Loss Goal is : 100 pounds by October 13,2015 This date is my birthday so I trying see where I am by then,would like be at GOAL...!!!
This Coming Thursday on April 16,2015 is my 20th Anniversary at Weight Watchers ,
I started on Monday April 16,1995 at Kingsdale with Blanche . 
The great thing is I found Blanche again on Thursdays and I back in her class.