God im feeling up and down this afternoon. I am tired but cant sleep, angry with my shit boring life and dont know what to do to make it better. Even this journal entry is boring cos i cant think of anything to say so im randomly babbling (BABBLE BABBLE). Help, tell me where to go from here as its getting worse. I ache inside, have nobody to talk to and im a failure. On top of this ive got a group of primary school children for an arts and crafts group in a couple of hours.  I guess they will find me boring today too. Lets hope by the time i have finished with the little darlings that they will have cheered me up (they normally do bless em). Im thinking maybe we can make dream catchers today, that sounds like a good idea. Sorry im babbling again. Gonna go now cos im boring everyone to death and im supposed to be cheering people up. Bye bye journal, god youre boring.