So it's arrived now my dreaded demon. I've been feeling sick all day. Really sucks! Hate this time very much. I am rather emo at the moment, because of it, so anything bad that happens to me at the moment, seems more worse than it actually is. I tend to take everything to heart at this time.
I will have to make a pizza soon, because I said I would, though I don't really feel like doing it, but whatever. Don't feel like doing much at all at the moment. Just been playing the big fish game. Finally finished it so will be starting another one  soon. 
Trying to think positively about life and everything, but find it so difficult at that time of month. My mum wants me to go on something for that time a month that will help with my cramps at mood. It is a natural thing, so it isn't a drug, but you'll excuse be for being skeptical about it, when everything my sister takes, seems to not do anything for her.
I just can't wait till Monday, when it should all be over, I guess I will just take it easy and try not to get anxious over anything. Just relax.



Hope it passes soon so that your feeling like yourself again. my daughter goes through hell with hers. what is this natural thing you speak of.