Well, Well, Well, I guess my life cannot stay consistently well. I put the condo on the market last week,with much apprenhension, but for the good of our future. Last night our conversation lead to argueing about how Ive felt that hes been riding on my downpayment I used for this condo. Meaning, his past has always been apts with no garages, in low class areas, and hes made poor decisions with money and has poor credit. I explained how Ive seen no financial sacrifices about getting this dream of a house. He has been adament,putting his foot down, demanding we get a house that a condo is not good enough. That he is not happy here, and I asked "didnt we make this our home?" he said NO.
Yet, without me, (my downpayment of home) he would never be able to get a house so it hurts me when he acts like he has every right to get one. I explained Im nervous about affording this new house and stated no actions have shown that we earned it yet. We havent stopped eatting out,taking trips,havnet saved money etc...Basically during the conversation he called me a nasty ,cocky woman and a cunt at least 3 times. He never apologized and said to take the condo off the market tomorrow. Also admitted he DOESNT want to live here with me. (referring to the condo). I feel I am useless to him ,without a house. Now I am really thinking that he might be using me. But I think how odd that would be, if he doesnt love me why would you want a house with someone you dont love? He is certainly not respecting me or trying to hear me out , hes only taking it as insults ,he said I was basically calling him a looser. I am truly confused right now and broken down and hurt all over again. What a viscious cycle this has been. I do need some honest opinions and advice!