General Update

Soon it will be five years that I lost my beloved brother and in this five years..I have found out first hand who my friends really are.I am so sorry my dears/....when a person dies...your friends that you need...they shun away and particulary her..she hasnt spoken to me in months.And I refuse..100% refuse to talk to her if anything does happen.I dont want to be friends with a sallow person.The people today have got an inflated image of themselves.And it is sad but true..but this is she and she wont admit it.I have never been this way and i never will ...And I miss my father.I miss my mother.and i miss my brother.I also miss my house.I lost my house to medicare...thanks GW! I cant wait until the 20th to see that you are out of there! In my room that i occupied from 1953 to 1995...I had privacy and I dont have none at all in this house.I also miss my dog and he was the best dog..and I will never forget the way that this little dog loved me and he died of a broken heart.Noone seems to understand what my late brother and me were up against when my father died and you know..they didnt believe us and as far as I am concerned..if they ever came to my house..they will return in the back side of a seattle police car.I have never made up stories and I never will.The nuns at Saint Annes taught me in 1959 how to remember dates and certain things in life.I have always remembered birthdays and such.I was taught this 50 years and if I can remember something so can you and dont tell me that you dont have the time! But noone wants to say or noone wants to admit that when a person dies that you really dont recover for the wounds will always be there and there is no cure for this at all.All they do is give anti-depresants and these made me worse so I dont take them anymore.There have been many things that I still do and many things that I like that have been carried over from my catholic if you dont like dont like to dont like to hate hate books.poetry and me a favor..dont even try to be my friend..I am at 61..aint going to waste my time on you..Now if you are Axl Rose..that would be different.And if you drive a of the worlds most expensive can look me up any time..but after Sophie Tucker stated..a woman NEEDS CASH!