Had trouble again cooking last night, looking at it thinking "this is really enough now" I just can't get over it, made fried potatos with 4 potatos. I told hubby while sis picked the best time in the world to move in(weekend after accident), they sure picked the worst time to move out, going from 8 to 3 in 2 days is a big shock. David slept with us again, he hates being alone. I think i will let my 4 yr old niece stay the night tonight if they come over so he has some one to be with and off my butt for a night. sis-in-law is saying they want to take David for a night and get him out of the house, but i'm not sure i can let him go, it would probably be good for hubby and me to have a night alone but....  T.v. in living room quit working, only had it little over mo. so have to return it, but it sure puts a damper on having all the kids over.   Guesss i need to go start the day. luv and hugs to all and a good day.