What a weekend, first of all we got Stephen to Lyon's and got him unpacked and settled in, his room mate is a senior and the only 18 yr old in the program, seems nice though. I think Stephen is more interested in the girls there than the program-lol, he is 15 but a late bloomer and is just this year really discovering girls. He has called me every night and morning so far and seems to be doing good a little nervous but good, today is the first academic day and he is worried about how hard it will be, they took their first a.c.t. test yesterday, it seems all this is so early and he is so young to worry about collage yet but I feel better after getting there, it is prep all the way, teaching them what they need to have on their transcripts for whatever collage they want to go to, teaching how to get and apply for grants and scholarships ect... They are really good about everything educational is followed by a fun thing so it's not just all work. I am still very worried but think i can get through this.  David has been lost, talked him into falling asleep in living room /sat. nite but was in our bed by 2 am, and last nite just started in our bed, he has a fear of being alone, that is one thing Suzette had in common with him that made them so close. We went to the river with all the in-laws and David was in the water the whole time having fun which is good as he is grounded again now. I don't think i told anyone here, he said he found 100$ in parking lot at walmart a week ago and come to find out it was my electric bill $ he had stolen from on top of my desk, so he has a summer of work to pay it off, he did admit it and give the $ back but we still feel he should work it off, if it had been someone elses we may have had court costs and such he would have to pay off, what we told him. it will be a long hard summer for him, and we have all that spring cleaning to catch up on so we should stay buisy.  I will have some fun stuff with him too and i plan to go through some of Suzette's stuff with him to help him understand it will always be different, also still have her robes hanging in bathroom as i used to smell them everytime in there, but her smell is long gone and it looks like we are ready for her to just walk back in any time so maybe him helping with some of that stuff will help sink it in. I got a friends request on her myspace from her ex(the one she was supposed to be preg. from). it is the guy in her prom pic, they went back and forth alot, both cared very much but he was 21 and ready to settle down and she was 17/18 still in school and not ready to settle down with a family yet, he is a stay at home kinda guy and she was outgoing and that caused problems, but there was always feelings there and they were never apart very long before they would be talking on the phone again and then going out again, she also had troubling deciding on the gender she wanted to date which is a whole other story that makes us both look bad, let me be clear that while i am not a homophob(sp?) i do feel it is too easy for kids to experement now. Any way Chris(the boyfriend) is epileptic and was hospitallized for grandma seizures over the whole funeral and memorial ect.. so it is really good to hear from him and to hear he is doing ok.  Hubby had a hard one, ran into a neighbor boy who always had a crush on her but has been gone and working alot, anyway, he asked hubby hiow she was and if he could stop by and try to court her again, he came home with tears.   wishing everyone a good day and luv and hugs to all.